Photo courtesy of Abbey Smiley Trujillo

Staycation Serenity: Embracing Slow Summers on the Secret Coast

Written by Abbey Smiley Trujillo
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There are summers where you’ve got a schedule packed full of sports, trips, birthday parties, summer camps, and more; and then there are the summers where you embrace the slow-down. Our family is spending this summer embracing the latter. There is so much hustle and bustle in our daily life that we’ve been craving some beach days, slow movie nights, and quality conversation over a delicious meal.

So, what did that mean for our vacation time this year? Staycations. We are exploring more of the beautiful areas around us while indulging in those largely sought-after relaxation tactics. Mainly, not cleaning up after ourselves and not being in charge of our own meals. You get it.

Now, the major benefit of staying on the Secret Coast is that you get a reminder everywhere you look to “slow down.” Life moves at a slower pace, and so do you. We had the time of our lives cozying up in the Cottages By The Gulf in Pass Christian, just a block or two from the white sandy beaches. We had beautiful forest views out our windows, our own kitchen for those nights you wanna whip up some popcorn with your Netflix and chill, and a loungy pool just steps from our front door.

After settling in, we spent some time getting put together and lazed off down the beach to Bacchus on the Beach for an incredible dinner. We sat outside on the patio, directly across from the harbor, hearing seagulls and swishing palm trees while a warm breeze accompanied our menu searching.

If you are following our lead and want this relaxing stay for yourself, then take our advice and let us make even those food decisions for you! Grab yourself a couple of Bacchus Teas and an order of charbroiled oysters. Pair these up with the delectable Creole Hummus plate and your pallet will thank you. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything at Bacchus you don’t jive with, but if you want a bit more guidance, the staff has incredible recommendations according to your preferences.

This staycation was one for the books, and you can bet that Pass Christian will be a family staple for us to return to again and again.